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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cheesecake Factory!

Moms Night Out at the Cheesecake Factory!

Thank you to Tammy (BB) for being our hostess and helping all of us to have a wonderful night out. We were all miraculously there by 6:30 and we fit into our tables perfectly. A fantastic MNO!

Nikki, Julia, and Tammy -- Body Back All-Stars!
They've been with me from the beginning:=)

Tammy, Trish, and Stacey

Tarah, Ashley, and Nikki
Thanks to Tarah and Trish for making sure we took pictures!

Joni and Amy

Veronica, Amy's friend (sorry, I forgot your name!!),
Ashley, Tarah, and Mika

Let me just add here that this table (me included) ordered 16 slices of cheesecake! Maybe that's why it took 90 minutes for us to get our dessert:=) The only hiccup of the night! Of course we were taking ALL of that cheesecake home, right?

Sheryl and Veronica

Margene and Tarah -- SS old-timers!

Rayna, Heather, and Anna
(don't move, Anna!)

Maria, Melinda, and Sara