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Sunday, October 9, 2011

GFC 2011 Begins Tomorrow!

Fitness assessments and body fat analysis will be held this week at class.

We will hold 3 Fitness Assessments at the beginning and end of the Get Fit Challenge.

Your goal is to improve in each category over the next 10 weeks. The top 7 finishers in October and December in each category will earn 1 extra point.

* 150 step-ups, for time
* front plank, for time
* push-ups (on your toes)

Fitness Assessments will be held on:

* Wednesday, October 12 at KAP
* Thursday, October 13 at CORP
* Friday, October 14 at SCH

For body fat analysis, the calipers are more accurate when you are not dehydrated from working out, so these must happen before class. I am available by appointment if you are willing to come to my home in Ko Olina. Assessments will also take place before class on:

* Wednesday, October 12 at KAP (starts at 8 AM)
* Friday, October 14 at SCH (starts at 8:15 AM)
* Saturday, October 15 at CORP (starts at 7:45 AM)

Participants will earn points through:

* Class Attendance (valid for SS, BB, and boxing class, not to exceed 6 points in a week)
* MVP of the Day (instructor will select 1 outstanding mom at each SS class, and 2 moms if there are 12+ at class)
* Improvement in the Fitness Assessment
* Improvement in Body Composition

Registration for the GFC ends on Saturday, October 15 and all assessments and measurements must be completed by then. The mom with the most points wins a $250 gift card to the Ala Moana mall!

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