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Friday, October 7, 2011

Special Announcement

As most of you know, my time on Oahu is coming to a close since our family will be moving back to the mainland next spring.

Stroller Strides has been my baby for the past two-plus years. (Truly, I would probably have another real baby right now if not for SS!) It has given me something to nurture and fret over, literally kept me up at night (and then woken me up far too early!), and offered me so many opportunities for personal growth. I have been changed forever because of my time as a franchisee. I feel incredibly blessed to have had this time with Stroller Strides. It is the perfect job for a mom who loves fitness and also wants to be at home with her children.

I always felt that I had a successful start to my SS career because of the long transition that took place between me and the former owner, Sarah. With that in mind, while I knew I wouldn't be moving until the spring, the transition to new ownership needed to happen earlier.

Starting January 1, Trish Holzman will be the new owner of Stroller Strides Leeward Oahu. She embodies what Stroller Strides can do for a mom -- Trish has literally transformed before our eyes! While she has always enjoyed fitness, the demands of pregnancy and then motherhood left her with a body she didn't recognize. Stroller Strides was the answer, and she has dropped several dress sizes since joining the program last November.

Trish and I are excited to work together to make the transition between owners as smooth as possible. I will be staying on as an instructor until my move, so while my name will no longer be attached to all the emails you get, I'll still be around. I am very excited to see what Trish will bring to Leeward -- because no matter who owns it, I will always feel like SS Leeward is my baby:=)

Joni, July 2008-December 2010
Trish, January 2011-???

From Trish:

For the longest time, I've asked myself "what am I going to do when I grow up?".... Well, with a degree in history, the answer was always a big, fat question mark. I never really felt "inspired" to do any one thing in particular. Not until recently, that is...

When I first joined SS, just under a year ago, I couldn't even run a full lap around the park. I was still squeezing into my maternity clothes (almost a year after having a baby). I was a frazzled mom who needed a purpose. I needed a push. I needed to be inspired. At this point, I only wanted to fit into my skinny jeans. Little did I know that first day I showed up with my beat-up double jogger, and sweatpants, that it would all unfold into so much more. My plan was to just get in a work out.

My two-day-a-week routine became a three-day-a-week routine, which turned into a five-day-a-week routine. The first time I made it the entire way around the park running, I almost jumped for joy. In fact, I'm sure it was a burpee. I was pushed to the limit at every class. I met amazing women. I didn't have to leave my kids behind... I was fitting into my skinny jeans. I gained confidence. I shopped for work out clothes at Lululemon (once, a fantasy, now a reality!!!). I was challenged to go beyond my comfort zone and keep pushing the limits until I gained much more than "just a work out." This is when I knew that I wanted to become an instructor. I wanted to take all of those great feelings I was having about myself and my achievements and help other women do the same.

Now that I'm an instructor, I get to teach others what I have grown to love. I get to be a part of the very thing that has helped to change my life in more ways than are imaginable. The passion I have for SS runs SO deep. Now, once again, SS is going to change my life. It changes my life again, because it's given me a very clear answer to the question I've been asking myself for so long. After all the growth and change, and blood, sweat and tears (and cash deposits at Lululemon), I feel inspired. I feel my purpose has reached right out from under my BOB, wrapped its arms around my neck and presented itself to me in the form of a Stroller Strides franchise. Excellent, I can finally put the call in to my middle school guidance counselor... "I want to be a SS franchisee!!!!"

I am SO excited to have the opportunity to own the Leeward franchise of Stroller Strides. I get to continue to take what I have learned and what I have achieved and put it right back into Stroller Strides and help you AMAZING mommies reach your fitness goals. I also feel absolutely and EXTREMELY fortunate to be taking this over from someone who has poured her heart and soul into making Stroller Strides Leeward Oahu such an awesome, successful and truly top-notch franchise. I swear on Tabata that I am fully committed to giving 110% to this franchise every.single.day.

I feel so fortunate to have earned this opportunity. I can't wait to continue this journey with you all running along by my side, as the new owner of Stroller Strides Leeward Oahu.