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Monday, November 14, 2011

Member Monday

Aloha SS mommies & babies! My name is Brittney. I’m originally from Georgia, but currently live in Pearl City Peninsula. I attend the CORP and Kapolei classes with my 8-month-old son, the love of my life, Paxton Brady.

I have my degree in Speech-Language Pathology and I am anxiously looking forward to starting the Master’s program in Educational Psychology at UH Manoa in January, while hopefully still managing to get in some good SS workouts.

My husband is a Nuclear Electrician in the Navy and we were lucky enough to land a three-year shore duty billet at Pearl Harbor. About this time last year (at six months pregnant might I add), my husband and I left Virginia Beach with our overly spoiled one-hundred lb. lap dog, Cooper and crossed the Pacific to begin our new life in paradise.

Growing up I was never really a healthy eater, although I managed to stay in shape by being very active in sports. When I was in high school I played soccer, fast-pitch softball, ran track, and participated in competition cheerleading. After college, beginning my career, getting married, and having my son, needless to say I had accumulated a few extra pounds and had gotten pretty out of shape.

Realizing that I couldn’t realistically survive and maintain a decent weight with my poor diet choices, I became what some would call a super major freak about healthy, holistic eating. After finding out I was pregnant, it became even more important to me to eat as healthy as possible for my little peanut. (If anyone is interested, I read The Skinny B*tch’s Guide to a Bun in the Oven and it really lays out all the down and dirty details of food in general.)

I am absolutely obsessed with trying new healthy foods, reading as many magazines and books as I can find on eating clean, and watching every documentary they have on Netflix over and over again.

My husband thinks I’m a nerd and isn’t quite 100% on board with this yet because he says I never buy “the good stuff” and is convinced I am going to turn Pax into a bubble child when it comes to food, but he is making progress. Of course I believe everything is okay in moderation, but we are what we eat!

After joining SS about two months ago I have accomplished so much more than I ever thought I could. Not only have I met lots of great people, but I can actually do a real push-up now.

I have also learned to love that feeling of being pushed past my comfort zone. It is so motivating to work out with such an awesome group of hardworking ladies, some pushing double and even triple the load I carry in my jogger!