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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Meet Our Newest Instructor


Hi! My name is Rachel McHale and I teach Stroller Strides at Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam. You will see me there with my youngest child, Sam, who will be 2 this spring. Sam and I love going to Stroller Strides together!
My Stroller Strides journey, however, began a long time before Sam joined our family. My oldest son, Patrick, and I began attending classes in Monterey, CA over 9 years ago. I was already a certified fitness instructor and was soon teaching classes. In 2003 my family moved to Virginia Beach and I couldn't imagine my life as a mom without Stroller Strides. The amazing friendships my son and I had made with Stroller Striders had made such an impact on our lives. The only problem was, Stroller Strides was still located only in California. If I wanted to have Stroller Strides in Virginia, I would have to start it myself. I owned the Virginia Beach franchise for 6 years before moving to Hawaii in 2009.
When we arrived in Hawaii, my husband and I made the decision to homeschool our older children, Patrick, 10, and Megan, 7, and so fitting in Stroller Strides has been difficult.
Now that they attend a science class on Thursday mornings, I have been able to introduce fitness and fun, the Stroller Strides way, to my youngest child and I LOVE it!! Sam and I go to The Thursday class at CORP each week and it is such an important part of our routine. But classes have still not been close enough to home for me to try teaching on a regular basis. I just felt I would give up too much school time with my older children.
When I found out that Stroller Strides was finally going to be offered on Hickam, I was beyond excited! The only thing I love more than participating in Stroller Strides classes is actually teaching them. I love to share my passion for health and fitness with other moms. And I am so thankful for the chance to do just that.