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Monday, March 26, 2012

Member Monday

Hi, I'm Michaela and I'm a Georgia girl. My husband Mike and I call Charleston, South Carolina home, though. We moved to Hawaii from Ft. Benning in August of 2009 while I was pregnant with our son Grayson. Mike is in the Army and came to Hawaii to be the dentist for Third Brigade, and when Grayson was fifteen-months-old, he deployed with them. My son and I moved back East for the year, and have just returned; Mike should be returning soon, too! We are living on the North Shore now, and working out at Schofield (with some who are also expecting a homecoming any day now!).

While I was away, I really had a Stroller-Strides-shaped hole in my life! I had been coming to SS for about nine months before we left, and I honestly found nothing like it anywhere else. I am a bookish type, and love to read (I have degrees in English, journalism, and linguistics), so I never was a particularly active person. My hobbies are cooking, and crocheting, so even there I'm kept in-doors. After Grayson was born, though, I was amazed at what my "weak" body could do. It was truly a turning point for me, and I have rewarded my body with exercise ever since. This body does so much for me, that it deserves for me to keep it strong!

Stroller Strides is so much more than a workout, though. Maybe it's just this group; I don't know.
This is a group of peers, women, mothers, wives who share their daily experiences then listen, encourage, support, and advise one another. We push each other in our workouts, too. The military ensures that the faces change -- and they have in the year I've been away -- but the culture of this group remains the same, and it felt like coming home!