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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

MNO at Lululemon

Laura, Maria, Margene, Kathy, Sharon, Stacey, Carla, Trish, Jen, Katie,
Norma, Tarah, Lauren, Amber, Melissa, Merry

Last Sunday night we had a fabulous time at our Lululemon MNO. We started of with a little yoga to get our chakras in line for a little bit of shopping...

No evening with the Stroller Strides ladies would be complete if there wasn't some sort of competition, right? All 16 of us were challenged to hold ourselves in chaturanga for as long as possible. There was some stiff competition for sure! Amber, Tarah, Lauren and Stacey were our last four who were holding out for the prize... eventually it came down to Amber and Lauren for the win... Amber was able to chaturanga her way to a new outfit provided by Lululemon (which I might add, she got THE cutest pink shorts and black racer back tank!)... Lauren scored herself a nice Lulu water bottle.

We wrapped up our nice evening with some shopping, pupus and dessert. I think everyone went home with a little something new to work out in, and some of us just fueled our Luluelmon addiction.

Always such a lovely time with the ladies of Stroller Strides...