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Monday, May 14, 2012

Goodbye from Rayna...

The time has come for me to say "Good-bye" to my Stroller Strides ohana. I will miss everyone dearly and I am so torn up about leaving my "home". I have been here 8 years and it has been the longest I have ever stayed in one spot! Alas, I fell in love here and married my Coastie husband and although I love Hawaii, I love him more so off I go to Stuttgart, Germany! What an adventure it will be!
I am sad to leave but am grateful to have the opportunity to experience love, kids, and all of you amazing women doing amazing, inspirational things. I have never had such a big group of women support and compete with each other in such healthy ways. This is the group of women I had always wanted to surround myself with and to leave you all breaks my heart.
If I could just give one piece of advice about Hawaii it is to enjoy every minute here on Oahu and grab every opportunity to explore the other islands to see what beauty that nature is capable of. Try something new at least 3 times a year such as paddle boarding, whale watching, surfing, hiking a bigger mountain or longer distance, a road or trail race, or even zip lining! You only get this one opportunity of a lifetime so embrace it and respect it.
And also thank you all for advice or answers to questions I had about motherhood. I don't know what kind of mom I would have been without Stroller Strides. I will miss you all so dearly!
I'm on facebook so don't be afraid to stalk me to see what I have been up to! I hope to keep my feet wet in the fitness world over there with my personal training. Wish me luck!!