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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Goodbye from Tarah....

I can't believe my time with you wonderful women is coming to an end. It has been such a privilege working out alongside you over the last two years.  You motivate me
daily and push me to be better physically.  I've lost 40 pounds since joining Stroller Strides in February 2010.  Commit yourself to the SS program, to each other and you WILL see the results you're striving for. Work hard when you're at class, stay focused, and consistent. Your bodies will respond. Push each other. Team up with a couple girls and hold each other accountable nutritionally and at class. What we have is so special, use it for all its worth! Not only will you achieve your fitness goals but lifelong relationships will result too! What an amazing example we are setting for our children. Kids that see their parents' active and health minded will have a higher likelihood of being healthy adults. I know ALL of us desire this! As for me, I will think of you often. My husband is getting out of the Army so I'm not sure where we are headed just yet. But do know, I'll be cheering you on via FB and I know you will continue to inspire me on my lifelong quest to be healthy and fit! Love to you all. We ARE fit mamas and we DO rock!