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Friday, June 1, 2012

Goodbye from Joni...

I know, it's goodbye again! Didn't I do this 6 months ago? Stroller Strides was my world here in Hawaii, and so it's taken a few months to gradually step back and feel ready to go. And I am. But I still cried all the way home from my last class. It's the end of an era for me.

I joined SS as a member. I ran into Jenna on the beach and started talking to her because I was trying to make friends. She told me about Stroller Strides and I got up the courage to go that same week. Poof! Now I knew people! It took a while to know everyone's names, and a little longer to really feel comfortable, but I knew pretty quick that this was my tribe. I vividly remember running behind Tania at Kapolei, making the first left turn at the keyhole, and having her recommend that I buy a BOB stroller. Funny what sort of stuff you remember!

I wish I could tell you all what you have meant to me. From my side of things, it's easy to see the entire tapestry of Stroller Strides. You may feel like a small thread over there in the corner, but I saw you. I know that I am just one more link in the chain. Stroller Strides is the ultimate mom community -- we created it for ourselves, and we keep it going.

I am incredibly grateful to Buffy and Katey, the women who had the guts to open Stroller Strides in the first place. I think it was hard to do. I'm glad that Buffy has been able to see all that hard work pay off and how many women have passed through SS because of their vision. I am grateful for Sarah, Leeward's second owner, who owned the franchise for a year and then mentored me when I bought the franchise. She spent so much time with me. And I am grateful for Trish. I know exactly how much work it takes to keep SS going, and she is doing all that stuff and more. It's been so satisfying to see my "baby" safe and sound in Trish's care.

Health and fitness can get twisted into all this junk about visible abs and buns of steel. It goes so much deeper than that. It's totally awesome to like how you look, but it feels even better to trust yourself and know that YOU take care of yourself. Our kids don't need martyrs. They need good examples.

Stroller Strides moms are the cream of the crop. Thank you for being my tribe. I will always remember my time with you, all three years' worth of moms at CORP, Kapolei, Schofield, Ocean Pointe, and Waterfront (with a smidgen of Kailua!).