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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Meet Juvy

Hi there, my name is Juvanka or Juvy for short. I have been a member of the Hickam stroller strides since March 21st, one month after my husband went on deployment. I joined SS to finally face and accomplish my weight loss goals, and wow the husband when he returned. I have always had a difficult time maintaining weight loss so this seemed like a great place to start!

I had identical twin girls in July of 2011 and although I didn't gain a ton of weight (30 lbs.) I have never really been happy with the way my body looks. I gained 60 lbs with my son 11 years ago and since then my weight has fluctuated quite a bit.

I came to Hawaii pregnant and overwhelmed in April of 2011 with my husband and then 10 year old son. He went out to sea a week after we arrived and my son and I moved into Halsey Terrace without the husband to help troubleshoot all the joys of moving with us...He is stationed on a submarine out of Pearl Harbor, so his schedule can be a little crazy. I am thankful that since then I have made some great friends both in and out of stroller strides...

I feel like stroller strides has nurtured the friendships I have and helped me make new ones. Some of the girls would say that I am the 'loud cheerleader' of the group but in reality pushing them makes me push myself thinking if they can do it, so can I! My favorite phrase is "The hardest part was getting here, and here you are....so MAKE THE BEST OF YOUR WORKOUT!" I started because Rachel who was an instructor at the time told me about it. I have enjoyed it every minute since and I love that I have to be accountable to people if I don't show up for class. I enjoy the company and all the wonderful people that I have met. I also enjoy being outside with my girls while my son is at school, too many times before I would just sit at home and wait for him to get home from school, now I get out and enjoy the wonderful views that Hawaii has to offer!

I am an aspiring runner and I hope that with this as a stepping stone I will be able to keep up with the gals that are inpiring me! Hope to see you at Hickam sometime