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Monday, August 6, 2012

Member Monday

Hello my name is Laura.  So far I attend the Stroller Stride sessions at Hickam and intend to branch out to CORP location as well.  We recently moved to military housing from the Ewa Beach area. I currently live Doris Miller community just off of base.    The Navy is what brought us to Hawaii and we have lived here for 3 wonderful years so far.  We have a year and a half left here and I will be sad once the time comes to leave.  Now that we have a little one it is time to move closer to family.   My interests include anything related to arts, other creative activities, and my love of reading.  Exercise is something I never enjoyed or did consistently in the past.  Working out was always an activity that I despised.  Since I have started stroller strides I have not only gained an new appreciation for exercise, but have found that it can also be enjoyable!  I have discovered that working out with others in a group setting helps to keep me motivated.  My biggest goal is to get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight and fit into my jeans again!