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Monday, July 30, 2012

Member Monday

My name is Sara and I attend SS at the Hickam location.  My husband is Navy, stationed at Pearl Harbor, and we moved here August 2010.  
I first learned about Stroller Strides when I searched "strollers for living in Hawaii" and Leeward Oahu Stroller Strides came up :)  So I quickly "liked" the Facebook page and asked for advice on what stroller to purchase.  I was only 3 months pregnant and trying to do all my baby shopping before leaving the mainland.  Everyone was super nice and all recommended a BOB, of course :)  
I planned on joining SS once we moved here but I was sick the entire pregnancy and didn't leave the house much....and then after baby was born at Christmas I was a little bit lazy, a little bit nervous, and a little bit scared to join - thinking I could never keep up with all the other moms!
Along the way I met Rachel who constantly encouraged me to join.  Just like her workouts, she was relentless ;)  I ran a lot by myself on the Hickam trail so once the Hickam location opened I knew it was time to take the plunge!  
I am so so grateful for all the instructors and the other mommas for keeping me upbeat and motivated, and a little bit competitive.  You are a hard working group of moms ladies!!  This past Christmas, when packing for the mainland, I realized that NONE of my jeans fit (except my maternity jeans, YIKES!) and I convinced myself that my body had permanently changed and it was time to get used to it!   I am very pleased to say that though they may be a bit tight, I can get them on and zipped and wear them comfortably!  YAY!
Thank you all and keep on smiling :)