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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Stroller Strides Program and Instructor Surveys

It is survey time!! Here at Stroller Strides Leeward Oahu, we strive to provide all of our members with a top-notch experience. We'd like to know how we are doing. Your feedback is important to us! It will help us know what is working and how we can improve! Please take a few moments to complete the Stroller Strides Program Survey below, once you have done that, please complete one for each instructor (who's classes you attend). Access each survey by clicking on the links below. All feedback is anonymous.
Thank you in advance for your participation! 

TRISH (Instructor Survey)

STACEY (Instructor Survey)

MELISSA (Instructor Survey)

BRITTNEY (Instructor Survey)

JESSICA (Instructor Survey)

ASHLEY (Instructor Survey)

Thank you for your feedback!