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Monday, July 1, 2013

Keara's Success Story

Hey ya’ll! My name is Keara and I have been attending classes at
Schofield since November 2011. I am originally from Kentucky, have a
Masters degree in Social Work, and have the most amazing little family
a girl could ever want—my husband of 4 years, Greg; my 11 year old
step-son, Caleb; and the light of my life, my 2 year old, Owen.

I have always struggled with my weight…ALWAYS! Growing up, I would
hear family members say, “Keara would be so pretty if she could lose
weight.” One man even told my mother that I was the fattest child he
had ever seen (yes, my mother put him in his place!).  At my heaviest,
I was 320 pounds (high school graduation day) and at my smallest, I
was 140 pounds (the day Greg and I started dating).

I did not have one of the glorious pregnancies that every woman dreams
of.  The day after I found out I was pregnant I gained 10 pounds—no
lie!  No matter what I did or ate the weight just piled on.  I was put
on bed rest at 7 months due to preeclampsia and that is where I stayed
until Owen was born.  I gained close to 80 pounds during my pregnancy
and was crazy enough to think the weight would just fall off
afterwards since I was breastfeeding, eating right and exercising.  I

were PCSing to Hawaii shortly after Owen was born and it was like my
whole life had been turned upside down.  In desperation, I turned to
food for comfort, something I had done my whole life.

When I started SS in November 2011, I weighed over 280 pounds.  I was
6 months post-partum, had just moved away from family and friends and
was living in the Schofield Inn.  Needless to say, I was MISERABLE!!
I remember showing up to class on the first day thinking, “What the
heck have I gotten myself into?!?”

Little did I know that I had just started on a life changing journey!
I had found the most amazing group of women I had ever met!  Day after
day, my SS mommas continue to amaze me! Not only do they provide me
with motivation and encouragement during my workouts, I know I can
count on them to help me with anything!   I love seeing my SS moms get
stronger and reach their fitness goals.  I love watching the kids grow
and Owen looks forwards to playing with his friends after every class.

As of today, I have lost over 125 pounds and over 24 inches in my
chest, hips and waist!  I have gone from a size 24 to a size 10 and I
honestly have never felt healthier in my life!!  I could never have
done it without SS, the instructors and the members.  I owe everything
to my amazing Schofield mommas--you ladies will never know how much of
a blessing you are to Owen and I.  I am so thankful to call you not
only my friends, but my family!  I look forward to reaching many more
fitness goals—like mastering the art of running!—and I know I will get
there with the help of my SS ohana!  Keep pushing, motivating and
believing in me ladies—this momma’s not done yet!