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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Important Announcement!

It was just under two years ago that I sat down to write a blog post about how Stroller Strides changed my life. I was pushed beyond measure by some of Stroller Strides' finest instructors, I gained a confidence that I thought had been lost forever, I gained self esteem and body I was proud of. My life transformed literally Stroller Strides class after Stroller Strides class. I took it a step further, and became an instructor - and then eventually bought the Leeward franchise because I knew it was something I needed to do - I needed to give back what I was so freely given. In January 2012, I took the reigns of the greatest business a person could ever hope to be a part of. I met AMAZING women. I have worked beside some of the greatest instructors with a passion for Stroller Strides that is just indescribable. I have watched handfuls of women, with stories just like mine, transform and become marathon runners. The experience has been incredible and a true blessing.
So, with all of that said - it's easy to imagine that this is probably one of the hardest posts I have had to write in a while. My time on this beautiful island is coming to an end and I will be moving in just a few short weeks. And since I can't take Stroller Strides and all of you with my on my new journey - the time has come to leave it in the hands of someone who has a great passion for Stroller Strides and fitness. It is my great pleasure to announce to you all that Jessica Buxton will be taking over for me as the franchisee of Stroller Strides Leeward Oahu, beginning on November 1st.
Jessica and I have already been working together to ensure the transition is smooth and seamless. I am confident that her love of fitness and passion for Stroller Strides will reflect in the work she does as your new franchisee. I am excited to pass on the torch - but I am SO sad to leave behind what has truly been an experience of a lifetime. And even more than that - I am SO sad to leave the many amazing women, moms, and friends that I have grown to know and love. I will carry my love of Stroller Strides and my Stroller Strides ohana in my heart forever....

And with that - I leave you with one of my most favorite quotes of all time (that I will need to carry me through the moments of missing a wonderful bunch of women).

"Don't cry because it's over, SMILE because it happened." - Dr. Seuss

Very Truly Yours,

A few words from your new owner-to-be, Jessica:

 As you have all just read, I will be the proud, new  owner of Fit4Mom Central Leeward Oahu.  Over a year ago, I joined Stroller Strides through the advisement of a dear friend of mine.  For the next few months I sweat, complained, sweat some more, and sometimes even laughed my way through 20 pounds of left over baby weight.  I also gained a whole new prospective on fitness & friendship, and how both are SO important in our roles as mothers!  Last spring I began my journey towards becoming an instructor; a job I have so thoroughly enjoyed and find completely fulfilling.  The opportunity to see you ladies reach remarkable fitness goals continues to be nothing but inspiring.
      When the opportunity arose to take over our fabulous Fit4Mom franchise, I simply couldn't pass it up!  I am beyond excited for this opportunity and thank Trish for believing in me enough to leave the franchise in my hands.  I know the success of our Stroller Strides could not have been possible if it weren't for Trish’s passion, and I can only imagine this decision for her comes with a heavy heart!   I will give my all to make sure those shoes are filled and this transition goes smoothly for each of you.  I have met nearly everyone while instructing at our locations and I am looking forward to us building a stronger relationship as I work to ensure your experience with Stroller Strides is a resounding success.  You are a beautiful group of motivated and determined women.  I am so honored to lead this community of mothers who understand the importance of health and fitness in our everyday roles.  Whatever your reason for joining Stroller Strides, big or small, I promise, together we can make it happen – and together we will continue to “make strides in fitness, motherhood, and life!”

Jessica Buxton