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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Boxing MNO

Back row, left to right: Stacey, Melanie, Amber, Jenna, Margene, Joni
Front row, left to right: Alexa, Stephanie, Tarah

Stroller Strides moms like to box! We went to Pearlside Boxing for our second MNO and it was a blast as always.

Everyone loved to punch the bag, the mitts, and even each other (not as scary as it sounds). You've never heard a gym get as loud as when we started to "hot dog" on the bags! I'm pretty sure it's because we have Jenna there, though:=)

Highlights: Seeing Stephanie slide right off the Swiss ball with every push-up. It's hard to grip when you get sweaty! Watching Amber gamely do step-ups and modified box jumps -- hard to do while pregnant! And hearing everyone whoop, cheer, and overall encourage each other to punch the bag just that much harder for just a little bit longer.

We'll be going again in a few months. If you haven't joined us yet, I really encourage you to try it when we do!