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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Swamp Romp!

left to right: Margene, Tarah, Stephanie, Mendi, Stacey, Joni

There is no race as fun as the Swamp Romp! The preparation it requires is crazy: pulling together a team of six (no more, no less), duct tape/baby wipes/garbage bags, a team theme and costumes, and the early morning drive out to Kaneohe. All to run 5 miles in the mud, which is amazingly fun and inexplicably exhilarating!


Lots of Stroller Striders were at Saturday's race. Catherine and Liz from Schofield ran with their husbands; I saw Susan (SCH) and Jazzareen (former Strider) there as well. Then we had Ashley, Mara, Kim, and Andrea who ran along with two of their hubbies. The Windward side fielded 2 SS teams. And finally, we had the "official" Leeward team, the Tutti Fruity Cuties! "Cuties" were Tarah, Stacey, Margene, Mendi, Stephanie, and Joni.

Get ready for 2012!