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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Attendance Contest Update!

How are you doing attendance-wise? Are you in the running for a shot at my $100 Lululemon Gift Card?!

The month is half over and I've been looking over the attendance records to see who is in the running. We still have 10 class days left in the month and 11 classes are required to enter, so nearly everyone still has a chance.

The following women are well on their way with at least 5 classes attended so far in the month of June:

Melanie, KAP
Trish, KAP
Jenna, CORP
Lisa R., KAP
Kathy, SCH
Tarah, KAP
Ashley, KAP
Sonya, KAP
Heather, KAP

Lots of you are close with 4 classes attended, so keep it up! Remember that our rained-out Friday has changed the rules, so only 11 classes are required to enter. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking full advantage of your unlimited membership!