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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Get Fit Challenge 2011!

The Get Fit Challenge is back and it's bigger and better than ever!

There is no better time to really focus on your health and fitness than during the holidays. Don't resolve to be better on January 1 after giving in to all those holiday indulgences. Start NOW!

The Get Fit Challenge will run for 10 weeks, from October 10 to December 16. Participation is optional and not part of your Stroller Strides membership.

Participants will earn points through:
  • Class Attendance (valid for SS, BB, and boxing class, not to exceed 6 points in a week)
  • MVP of the Day (instructor will select 1 outstanding mom at each SS class)
  • Improvement in the Fitness Assessment
  • Improvement in Body Composition
Improvement in your body composition will be assessed via body fat calipers. Calipers are more accurate than a measuring tape and you will learn your before-and-after body fat percentage. This is a change from last year's GFC and a big part of the expense of the contest since body fat analysis is so time-intensive.

We will hold 3 Fitness Assessments at the beginning and end of the Get Fit Challenge. Your goal is to improve in each category over the next 10 weeks. The top 7 finishers in October and December in each category will also earn 1 extra point.
  • 150 step-ups, for time
  • front plank, for time
  • push-ups (on your toes)
Fitness Assessments will be held on:
  • Wednesday, October 12 at KAP
  • Thursday, October 13 at CORP
  • Friday, October 14 at SCH

For body fat analysis, the calipers are more accurate when you are not dehydrated from working out, so these must happen before class. I am available by appointment if you are willing to come to my home in Ko Olina. Assessments will also take place before class on:
  • Wednesday, October 12 at KAP (starts at 8 AM)
  • Friday, October 14 at SCH (starts at 8:15 AM)
  • Saturday, October 15 at CORP (starts at 7:45 AM)
Winning the GFC will take a combination of great attendance, hard work at class, fat loss through better nutrition, and improved speed and strength. My goal is to have the contest truly representative of what it takes to GET FIT and that anyone, with dedication, can win! It doesn't matter if you're 10 weeks postpartum or one of the fittest women in the group.

Grand prize is a $250 Gift Card to the Ala Moana shopping mall!

Second prize wins a $100 Gift Card to Lululemon. Third place receives free membership to Stroller Strides in the month of January, and 4th and 5th place win a free shirt from the SS Retail Store.

The GFC costs $15/month in October, November, and December. If you would like to pre-pay the entire amount in October, you will receive a $5 discount.

The GFC begins in 6 days, so Register HERE today!

Please email me with any questions. There are plenty of specifics that I haven't covered in this post, just to keep it simple. But if you have a question, I have an answer!