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Friday, October 14, 2011

Welcome Baby Ozzie!

Aloha Stroller Strides Mommies!!!

I finally got around to sending out a "Birth Announcement" of our sweet Ozzie Kauahioniupono (the ocean breeze through the righteous coconut palms). He was born a week and a half late, 2" shorter and 1 lbs lighter than my first (Surfia, years old).

My dear Husband drove from Waianae to town in 15 minutes (normally a 40 min. drive). He figured this was the BEST excuse to speed! It helped that it was in the middle of the night too!

We again decided to do this birth drug free (same as Surfia), and it was amazing how much I could feel the baby moving down the birth canal. If any prego Mommies are debating if they can do it. Just think . . . "if I can handle a HARD SS workout . . . I can do anything for at the most 40 hours." You CAN do it!

Labor was almost exactly 4 hours and only pushed for about 8 minutes, I was literally yelling at the nurses to get a doctor in the room as I was pushing him out. He is just perfect and his big sister Surfia is completely in love with him.

This second baby really put my body through some major changes and MAJOR weight gain (60 lbs + the extra 10 lbs left over from Surfia!), so I am looking forward to attending classes, pushing my limits, and getting that "baby fat" off! Stroller Strides is the best - great friends and a great workout! Ozzie is 9 weeks old and so far I have lost 30 lbs since giving birth . . . oh wait does the actual baby (8 lbs 7 oz) still count as weight loss? =)

Many people ask why the name Ozzie . . . my Dear Husband's Mom's favorite name was Ozzie because she loved the show Ozzie and Harriet. She passed away about 17 years ago due to breast cancer, so in honor of her, we named him such. Plus we like the name . . . AND we found out that my Husband's Great Uncle wrote the theme song to Ozzie and Harriet! Some coincidence!

Looking forward to seeing our Mommy and Keiki friends at class!


Summer, Daniel, Surfia, and Baby Ozzie