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Monday, November 28, 2011

Member Monday

Hey girls! My name is Lindsey and I currently attend Stroller Strides at Schofield Barracks and I sometimes pop in at CORP.

I've lived in beautiful Hawaii for 2 and a half years. (I will always be a New Yorker at heart, though.) My husband John and I moved here back in 2009 because he was assigned Submarine duty at Pearl Harbor.

We got married only 2 months after moving here because we figured getting married on the beach at sunset was too amazing to pass up. We were blessed with the arrival of our little girl Evie on April 3rd this past year. I'm currently attending Ashford University online to obtain my Bachelor's Degree in Health and Wellness.

I decided to join Stroller Strides because trying to fit in workouts with my husband's schedule was not working. I was constantly down on myself after having Evie because my body was definitely nowhere near where it was before. Stroller Strides really appealed to me because I would be able to work out without having to lose out on time with Evie

Ever since I joined back in October I've felt so much better. My husband even told me that my positivity put him in a good mood. Being out in the sunshine with friends cheering you on is probably the best kind of workout I've ever done.

My goal is to get into better shape and set a good example for Evie. I want her to understand that working out should be a normal part of her life and that it's not hard. I also have to try to keep up with John who runs 9 miles at time, whew!

I'm so grateful to the Schofield and CORP ladies for being so welcoming and awesome. The trainers have also helped me to build greater self confidence when it comes to working out. I look forward to working out with everyone in the future!