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Monday, June 11, 2012

Member Monday

 I'm Valerie.  I have been in Hawaii for  almost a year now.  I moved here with my wonderful husband Mark and my beautiful daughter Kathryn, who will be 4 in August.  Mark is a Major in the 45th SSB, currently deployed in Afghanistan.  Mark and I were married last March, so this is my first Army duty station and my first deployment.  I was THRILLED that we got Hawaii, and I love everything about this island but the centipedes.  We moved here from southern California, where I managed a Ruth's Chris.  My 15+ years in the restaurant biz turned me into a pretty serious foodie, and I also love to cook.  I am a level one sommelier as well, and have a hard time justifying a great meal without a great wine to go with it.  So you can see the calories adding up in my life...  To add to the excitement, we just had a darling baby girl named Madelyn.  Both my girls were born via c-section, and since having them both I am 30 pounds heavier than when I started and my middle has turned to mush.  Milly is almost 3 months old now, so it is time for me to get my mommy buns back in shape!  I heard about Stroller Strides from my friend Melissa F.  Since she is such an awesome, strong little hottie herself, I knew I had to give it a try.  I was a dancer in my youth and had a semi-serious yoga phase, but my relationship to exercise has waned in my old age.  I am ready to rekindle it, especially now that I am a stay at home mom with no excuses to be had.  My goal is not just to lose my baby weight, but to really make exercise a part of my daily life, so that I can teach my girls a healthy, active lifestyle.  And it would be great to knock my husbands socks off when he comes home ;)  So far Stroller Strides has been a blast, and I find myself looking forward to class, and to meeting all the other rockin' fit moms!