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Monday, July 23, 2012

Member Monday

My name is Helena Vigil. I'm from Honolulu, Hawaii. I have a 3 year old daughter Malia and 8 month old twin boys JJ and Joey. My husband is currently stationed on the USS Paul Hamilton. I attend SS on Hickam Airforce Base. My family and I moved back here about 8 months ago from San Diego.  We lived in San Diego for 6 years and that's where I first started with Stroller Strides.  I worked out with Strollers Strides for almost 2 years before getting pregnant with my twin boys. I love SS and it helped me get back into shape after my daughter. I've been back at SS for 3 months now and trying to get back into shape and more after having my twin boys. I hope work my way to running/jogging a half marathon.

I love being back here in Hawaii. My children get to see their grandparents at least twice a week and we're able to see family I haven't seen in years. In my spare time...what spare time?! If I had time I love to scrapbook.