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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Meet Jessica

Aloha! My name is Jessica. I attend Stroller Strides-Hickam with my beautiful, smiley, 12-month-old daughter Gemma. I am a former Spanish high school teacher and cheer coach who met my remarkable husband Gabe, while he was on recruiting duty in our home state of Texas. Needless to say, he recruited a wife. Yes, we met at the high school I taught at! I love spending time at the beach, singing and dancing in the kitchen with my daughter while cooking Tex-Mex, and reading a good book (not in Spanish literature, I have read my share for a MA in Spanish...at least not any time soon).  I love to craft and try to be just as musical as my husband who is an avid drummer.  Who says wind instruments can not be just as cool as the guitar or drums? We are closing in on the end of our 5-year tour here on the island and about to start a new adventure in the Sunshine State of Florida.  I found Stroller Strides through an awesome friend who wanted me to try it out with her and I am so delighted I did. I have created new friendships at SS and my daughter has a fabulous time interacting with the other children. As a first time mom at 32, I was really worried about gaining too much weight during pregnancy, but what no one warned me about was the weight you can gain post postpartum even while nursing full time. I need SS to keep me on track to lead an active lifestyle. After leaving my job teaching Spanish at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, I found the transition to being a stay at home mom a little more complex than I imagined.  I needed to find a place where I could bond with other moms.  SS was just the place! I love the underlying sisterhood at Stroller Strides and everyone is so forthcoming. I could not have asked for a better group of women to cheer me on. I was an active runner before having Gemma but now running is a challenge and I hope SS will give me the edge I need to get back into the running game. Gemma and I have completed 3-5Ks, 1 -10K, and the Great Aloha Run together.  I love having my daughter with me during my runs as it adds to the satisfaction when we cross the finish line together.  We aspire to complete a ½ marathon as part of our Hawaii bucket list before our departure.   Luckily, I have found a SS group in Florida and hope it will be just as amazing but SS Hickam will always be my SS home and in my heart.