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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Meet Maria

Hi, my name is Maria.  I moved to the island over 2 years ago with my husband and two children on military orders.  This is our second tour in Hawaii, our first being over 12 years ago!  Sadly this is also our last year in Hawaii as my husband will be retiring the summer of 2013.   I really don’t have a place that I call my “hometown” since I was a military brat (Navy) from the very beginning and then a military wife (Air Force) and have moved around all my life.  However, most of my family resides in Washington state and Tennessee.   Tennessee is where I met and married my high school sweetheart nearly 19 years ago!  We have two wonderful children together, Gabby, who is 15 and going to be a sophomore in high school and my little monster, Elijah,  who will be 3 in September! 
I first started attending Stroller Strides here at Hickam when it first started up in February and I will say it couldn’t have come at a better time for me.  Last year, my husband and I trained to run the Honolulu Marathon.  This was a dream of his to run a marathon, not mine, but I thought it would be a great way for me to try and lose the baby weight from my son.  So I trained, ran my first marathon, which happen to be my first race ever, last December.    I was really proud for finishing the marathon, but REALLY discouraged that instead of losing weight, I gained weight!  This is when I realized I needed to do something more than just running for my weight loss and joined Stroller Strides.
Since joining Stroller Strides I have lost several pounds, inches, and have trimmed about two minutes off my minutes per mile!  I have since ran two half marathons and currently training again to do the Honolulu marathon this year.  All of which I know would have not been possible without Stroller Strides.  Through Stroller Strides I have met some really good friends, together we have created a great running group that keeps me motivated and encouraged with my weight loss goals and marathon training.  Being able to bring Elijah with me during my workouts is just another added bonus.  He truly enjoys being able to play and interact with all the other kids and mommies.    I cannot say enough good things about Stroller Strides; it has truly been a blessing to me and I only wish that I had joined sooner!