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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Before and After of sorts....

A little note I got from one of our members.... Emily has been around for a while now... and this is what she had to say. Thank you Emily! :-) 

"I wish I had taken a "before" photo just a month ago (even though I've
been at SS since March of 2011). This spring I had to switch birth
control and I gained 5 pounds of very stubborn water weight. I was in
class all spring and summer 2-4 x a week-ish. And in August with the
attendance competition I had reason to go to SS as often as possible.
At the end of August I was disappointed that I still felt that bloat.
I could care less about numbers on the scale so long as I feel
progress, or can see a difference. I was thinking of saying screw it,
I can't fight this. When I had my measurements taken in September I
was smaller than I was last October when I was measured for the GFC
and had just been really sick. I couldn't believe it. It was the
evidence I needed to just keep up what I was doing. I went to SS
sometimes 6 days a week and upped my water intake by a lot.  The five
pounds is gone and I have muscles I've never seen on me before. It's
awesome. I remember you talking about Before & Afters at class and
how everyone has come so far. I agree and just wanted to share my
recent experience. I love Stroller Strides!"