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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lindsey's Success Story

Hi, my name is Lindsey, you may know me from Hickam, CORP, or even Schofield from way back when I first started (almost 2 years ago,
wow!). I have a deep love for Stroller Strides and everything that
comes with it. In the past few months I began slowing down, missing
classes, and skipping my morning runs. It was just so easy to roll
over and sleep a couple extra hours. At the end of each week I was hit
a great feeling of guilt that I wasn’t pushing myself to my full
My clothes were gradually beginning to fit tighter again. I was back
up to a size 10 on the higher end, I could wear them, but not as
comfortably as I used to be able to. My heart sank when I went to the
closet everyday and knew that I couldn’t wear my jeans because the
awful muffin top would spill over. I was uninspired and full of self

Fast forward to June, CJ (one of our lovely instructors) began talking
about Stroller Barre and how it could lift your butt in four classes.
I told her I was in, I wanted to sign up and start as soon as
possible. This was my opportunity to give my workout that big push.
All or nothing! I fell in love when we did the big demo class and
signed up for the Barre Challenge as soon as I was able. I began
attending classes 4-5 times a week, even staying for regular Stroller
Strides after Barre.  It made me feel like superwoman! I decided that
my eating habits needed an overhaul too, so I began to add more
healthy habits into my diet.

Fast forward to today, week 4 of the Stroller Barre challenge. I
thought about skipping because of the rain, but I had been in a funk
for two whole days and loathing myself over eating fast food and pizza
all weekend. I sucked it up and went to my workouts. As the rain
poured down at the end and we pushed through some plank jacks my mood
lightened. I took a deep breath and let go of all of the ick from the
weekend. When I came home today I hopped out of the shower and dug
through my dresser drawer of jeans. I pulled out one of my size 8
pairs of jeans and fully expected to struggle and jump to put them on.
They slid on and zipped! What’s more, the “muffin top” that I expected
to see spilling over the sides was not spilling at all. Milestone
reached! Now I can’t wait to see what the measurements at the end of
the Stroller Barre challenge reveal!